Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Poem a day, 35: October 5th 2010

Norman Wisdom has passed away
who was lucky to never break a bone
rolling down the stairs and getting stuck
in train carriage doors and such.

Mr Grimsdale! Mr Grimsdale!
Get your hands off that woman
and her ample bosom
there’s some emergency or other.
Mr Grimsdale! Mr Grimsdale!

He fell and fell and fell and fell
on my grandma’s television
while my grandpa
hidden in the kitchen
shouted in: what’s he doing now?

Mr Grimsdale! Mr Grimsdale!
There’s milk to be delivered
and we’re behind the times
everything’s moving far too fast
we’re sure to be left behind.
Mr Grimsdale! Mr Grimsdale!

My grandma would shout back something like
it’s that bit where’s he’s brought the horse
inside the house. Any second now
Mr Grimsdale will find out
and then there’ll be hell.

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