Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The half way point: take stock and panic. Plus, efficiency tip number three: how to make decisions.

Five days in. What have I achieved?

1) I've written another 5,000 words of my first draft (out of the goal of 60,000)
2) I've walked 55,554 steps (out of the goal of 150,000)
3) I've begun to develop a PAO system to enable me to memorise a desk of playing cards
4) I've read two books

So... A little bit behind schedule. There's still a lot to do: write four songs, read another three books, learn all the kings and queens of England, more walking... And how to decide which of this list to tackle first?

I find making decisions difficult. Especially when there's several things that need to be done, at home or at work, which all have roughly the same level of importance. In The Dice Man, Luke Rhinehart creates a character who assigns all of his decisions to the rolls of dice, enabling him to make decisions faster and more efficiently (actually, I think he does it as a philosophical experiment, but the upshot is increased efficiency). In the novel, the character ends up as an immoral half-person, whose new freedom has turned against him and made him a slave to chance. It's an interesting book because all of the choices are, deep down, his choices, but he has rid himself of the filters which get in the way of him becoming a rounded individual, open to express every possible facet of his character. In Real Life, by which I mean, in real life, we often stand around trying to decide what to do, when what we really need is to do something. If I get on with one thing, then that one thing will be done, and I'll have more time to do the other thing when its time comes.

With that in mind:
1) Read Maddadam by Margaret Atwood
2) Nice walk in the forest
3) Cash that cheque I've been meaning to cash all day
4) Write a song
5) Work on my PAO system
6) Something completely incredible and unexpected

Here goes:

I'm off to cash that cheque then!

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