Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sun, fun, and efficiency

I realised this morning that I was already falling dangerously behind in one aspect of my ten-day challenge: my 15,000 steps a day pedometer goal to maintain health (health being a form of efficiency: sure you'd get more writing done if you sat at your computer and ordered pizza online, but then you'd get fat and die, and then you wouldn't get much writing done at all).

Yesterday I only walked 8,000 steps as part of my normal working day. So today I took serious action. I spent the morning in the park reading through my existing work on the novel, and e-mailing myself little synopses for scenes with my phone (mad efficiency points! I was inspired by fantasy writer Peter Brett, who wrote his entire first novel on a mobile telephone on his daily commute), but this didn't add much to my walking total, so in the afternoon I went for a long walk: 22,200 steps. This has brought my total to just over 30,000 steps over the two days, so I'm right on target! On top of that, I got the audiobook of Dirt Music by Tim Winton (the first in my list of books-to-read) and I listened to that as I walked, and again I emailed myself little ideas for my own writing as I went, and managed not to fall in the canal.

All in all, it has been a very efficient day. And also there was outdoors, which is nice. Here are some photographs.

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