Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Poem a day, 8: September 8th 2010

Olly is Emma's potted plant.
Emma gave Olly his name.
Olly and I are not related
Yet while I was transporting him
From one house to another
He spoke to me: "Sam, please, you can’t
regard me as nothing more than a potted plant
when I think of you as a brother.”
Naturally, I was surprised to hear Olly speak.
He went on to say
(I am paraphrasing)
that it was unmerciful of me
to deliver him straight
from one house to another
when he hasn’t been outside
in years. And I agreed.
So we had a fine day out.
I took him to a pub, the Royal Oak
and we had six pints. We
went to the arboretum
and ogled the sexy snapdragons
and the beautiful begonias.
We got in a fight. We
ate chips from polystyrene trays.
When we got to Emma’s that evening
I’m sure we looked a right state.

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