Friday, 24 July 2009

See you later!

Hi everybody, I hope you are well. Because I am leaving on Monday, and will be busy this weekend (Renegade Beat at The Hippo on Saturday night- if you live in Plymouth then come along!), I thought I would take this opportunity to say thanks to all those that have helped me prepare this trip in whatever way, by lending me gear and sponsoring me and offering me places to crash.

I'd also like the opportunity to remind everybody about the charity. Please take a minute to visit their website:
and have a look at what they do. The money which I am raising will be going towards a hydrotherapy pool for Downham's new home at Estover. As well as all the ways to donate money which I have told you all about before, there is now one final, foolproof way to hand over your moolah.
If you stick a cheque, made out to 'Downham School' in an envelope, and send it to 'Downham School, Horn Lane, Plymouth' then you can make a one-time pledge. Make sure to mark the envelope or cheque 'John O' Groats to Land's End Sponsorship' so that they don't think you're sending them money for school dinners.

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