Tuesday, 21 July 2009

JOGLE Update

All kinds of news, some bad, some good:
Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, Thom has had to drop out of the trip. Not to be perturbed (I like the word, and I'm sure it means put-off), I have decided to undertake the trip on my own. That's the bad news.

Good news is, the route's all planned, all the equipment is ready, the bike is having a last-minute service at Battery Cycle Works as we speak...

I also have details of sponsorship organised for all you lucky people who want to give me lots of money in aid of Downham School! If you visit the photographs section of the Facebook group, you can find a picture copy of the form, which you can print off, fill out, and post to me.
Alternatively, if you e-mail me at sam.drew@bathspa.org
then I will e-mail you the Word Document version of the sponsorship form, which you can fill out on your computer and e-mail back to me.
Alternatively to THAT, you will be able to donate a one-time pledge to Downham School directly, e-mail me at sam.drew@bathspa.org for details.

Lastly: can everybody with an interest in the trip, the charity or whatever, please e-mail me at sam.drew@bathspa.org so that I can put you on a mailing list, by which I will be able to keep you updated on my progress, and also details of how to donate money to Downham, etc. I promise there will be no spam, because I am a vegetarian. There may be some vegetarian-equivelent-to-spam. Possibly Tofu.

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